Best used cars to buy in 2016

2016 is a great year for a car purchase. With their low insurance fees and good prices, the used cars are a wonderful choice for every driver who wants a vehicle with a high performance and at a fraction of the original costs. Save big money with your acquisition and choose your favorite model for the next family vacation across the country.

Whether you look for a sport sedan, or you would like an affordable one with a polish interior, the BMW 3 Series will satisfy all your needs. With a stylish design, solid performance and versatility, it is no surprise that so many people appreciate this machine. Take advantage of the leather seats, navigation and other options that will make your rides more enjoyable.

If you are after a family vehicle that is also fashionable, choose the refined Mercedes-Benz CLK Class and take pleasure in one of the best driving experiences you can get from this German automobile brand. You will find enough space for children in the back of the car, airbags for safety, great technology and comfortable seats perfect for the long journeys outside the city.

For the convertible fans, Volkswagen Eos Sport is something they should not miss. Enjoy your trips differently in an elegant car with a retractable roof and let the wind caress your face. You will love the Bluetooth connectivity, climate control, navigation system and the cozy seats. Go for a test drive and see for yourself what an excellent car this really is.

In case have an Audi in mind for your next buy, consider the Audi TT and you will not be disappointed. With its sleek appearance, powerful engine and fun features, this vehicle can be your finest bet. It is not just about the speed, but also the fact that you can handle it with ease. Regardless of the model you pick, keep in mind that used cars are always a better choice.